Your weekly sewing report

Figured I ought to try and get back into my weekly updates here, even if they aren't much - just so I don't have to write out any more long posts like last week's!

I didn't do a lot of sewing this week - I took a day off Katherine Parr for an attempt at making a 1950s bra top (Simplicity 1426, view C). I say "attempt" because I got it to a try-on-able point (i.e. mostly finished) and discovered it didn't fit in the least! That particular pattern variation is not small-bust-friendly. I could pick it apart and fix it, but I wanted it for a quick and easy project that I  could wear to a party this past weekend. So much for that!

As for K Parr, I got my forepart/lower sleeve fabric in the mail, which is the last big thing I needed for this project (except for, um, the jewelry), and so of course I had to lay all my fabrics out to see how they'll look.
Red & gold silk damask for the forepart, taupe silk damask for the gown, and white fur for the sleeve turnbacks!

And last night I finished sewing the reed into the farthingale casings, which means I just have to figure out the little pad to keep it from swinging forward, and it'll be done!
Here it is flat, for your preview...