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Day dress finished

Here's a sneak peak at my "marquee" dress for Gettysburg - I'll get nice pictures and do a proper writeup then. But here are a couple not-great dummy pictures for you, as proof that it's done! (Except for sewing in the pocket, and taking the undersleeves off my grey dress, washing them, and tacking them into this one. Which I should do sooner rather than later...) And this dress weighs a TON. Well, ten pounds, which is rather a lot for a dress, I think! I like my buttons. :)


I'm being a bad blogger...but I'm vain and like to post pictures of things I'm making that look like something! And I've been bouncing around between Gettysburg projects like a hopped-up flea. But lately I've been talking up my blog to some new people I've met ("oh, yes, I have a blog..." *tries to look important*) so I probably should update it at least once this month, eh? First off, I'd like to say hello to all the lovely people I met yesterday at Fort Mercer. *waves* Another Amanda wandered across this blog and realized, hey, we're practically neighbors, we should meet up at this event! Her regiment was quite friendly (and only thought I was a little weird for dressing up on my own and going as a member of the public, haha)...I think I'll be seeing more of them! :) And had an open house at the Indian King Tavern on Saturday - so I had a very 18thc weekend! I didn't get any pictures, as they were just rewears; cream jacket and