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Hats and things

I had grand ideas of having a Grand Opening for my etsy shop...and then realized that wouldn't be til next year sometime, as I'm such a slow sewer! Anywhoodle, I like making hats and accessories and things (have you noticed?), so I finally got round to opening an Etsy shop - both for the aforementioned Hats and Things, and for a few very old costumes that I'll never wear again, but are too nice to pick apart or donate. No outfits that date to within the span of this blog, though! Not yet... I'll post hats and things here as I get round to listing them - they'll also be listed under the new "Accessories" tab at the top, with links as long as they're available. I'm still feeling out what people might like to actually spend money on, so I'll probably have one of each style in the next few weeks. I'm mainly going to focus on 1750-1820ish, as that's what I know most about, and like to make the most! Suggestions and/or comments from pe

Bird print dress progress

As of today, I've finished construction on it. That still leaves a ton of trim (how many tons, specifically, depends on how much I can squeak out of the yard-plus I have left), but right now it's technically wearable, if criminally under-trimmed. Actually that one line of white fluff I've put on so far probably looks sillier than no trim at all! But I've got til Sept. 19, so I'm not worried. Yet.

18th century, again

Or, The Bird Dress! Currently still under construction, but I'd venture to say the bulk of the construction is done. (Trim is a whole different animal...) I know it's not very impressive over my under-petticoat, but you can't see any detail at all with the matching one!

1920s Housemaid

Or, Volunteering at Jazz Age on the Delaware at Glen Foerd. :) Glen Foerd is a late 19thc riverfront estate north of Philadelphia proper, and this first JAotD was a fundraiser for the mansion. It's a lovely site - the riverfront hasn't been developed along this particular stretch, so it's easy to pretend you're back in Oldey-Timeys - and the grounds are a public park when they aren't full of people in 20s dress. I wouldn't have been up unreasonably late finishing my dress if I hadn't hemmed it without checking to see how long my apron was. Unsurprisingly: longer than I hemmed the dress. Unpick, unpick, resew. Sorry for the blinding white apron. I even toned it down from the original blinding brightness...