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1790s Striped Open Robe

A finished UFO for our Costumers Getaway last month! (Unfinished object, for those not using that parlance. I find it amusing.) I had many grand plans for New Things this weekend - started a few, and finished precisely none of the ones I'd originally planned. Sewing motivation this year has been severely lacking. But! The week before the trip I realized I had this open robe, which has been languishing in a UFO bin since a canceled Georgian picnic in 2016 (!).

Transitional Stays: c.1800

This project was started on a total whim, back in March (ahem), I got through about three-quarters of the way through, lost interest, and just came back to them this week, all inspired to finish them! (Thank you, getaway with costumer friends last weekend!) It wasn't for an event, so better late than never?

A Regency Picnic and a Morning Dress

 (Morning, not mourning. )

A Turn-of-the-Century Hat

It's a hat.