Sunday, September 21, 2014

Laurel Hill Concert

And posting those cocktail party pictures reminds me that I never posted about going to Laurel Hill in costume in July. WHOOPS.

(I was waiting for someone to send copies of some really nice shots she got of me, and then she never did, and I just forgot about the whole thing.)

Laurel Hill has a series of concerts every summer, and I occasionally go to one with my mother and grandmother. Of course I have to dress for them! This one was the Wister Quartet, at the end of July. Most excellent music, and such a wonderful setting for these intimate little performances.

(A spider definitely did crawl up my skirts and bite me on the thigh [scandalous!]...but, you know, I figure it's all part of the historical experience? To be fair to it, I felt it tickling and tried to swat it, and then it bit me, so I don't really blame it.)

I wore a new-to-me dress, and got to have the utter satisfaction of replying, "No, I didn't make it!" to people's queries all night! I bought it from Samantha of The Couture Courtesan; I have the great good fortune of being very close to her size, and actually had a bit of cash left from my tax return when she sold off a few dresses this spring. I've never been wildly thrilled with my green Regency evening dress, so this was a perfect way to get a new one without having to make it!

And it's all hand sewn. Let me tell you, I got a good deal! I haven't had an opportunity to wear it since the Laurel Hill concert, so I'm glad I got pics. Enough chattering! Pictures!
I didn't get a good shot of it, but the necklace was a birthday present from my friend Isabella, and it went perfectly with the dress! Thank you! :)

Downton Abbey Cocktail Party

Last night was the DA cocktail party at Laurel Hill, in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. The Women for Greater Philadelphia, who own the house, put it on, and were absolutely tickled to see us. It was optional to wear period costume, but of course we heard about it and decided it was a perfect opportunity to dress up!

Typically, I got next to no pictures, but I defend myself that it's hard to hold a drink, a purse, a plate of tiny cakes, and wrangle a camera all at once, while wearing gloves! I made sure to get a couple of my new dress, anyway.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Belvidere 2014

Hooray, an actual event! A few of us managed to get up to Belvidere's Victorian weekend today - it's a cute little Victorian town in North Jersey that has this weekend every September. They've got lots of oldey-timey stuff, food, and vendors. Afterwards, a carload of us drove out to Fabricland on a tip from a friend, that there were $5/yd silks. Between that and the silks from Belvidere...we were pretty well packed in!

Unfortunately I remembered to snag a passer-by to snap a picture of us only after the group had split up, but I did get a couple of the four of us.

And I met a reader of my blog, who came up and introduced herself. Congratulations, you're my first "I think I read your blog..." meeting! :D Lovely to meet you, and I'm trying to get a group of us together to visit Allaire during the Christmas season! (I'm not too scary in person, and I love meeting People From The Internet, so if you ever see me at an event, come up and say hi!)