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Highbury Gveaway

Do want! Yet another pre-sale from American Duchess - this time more Regency shoes. That I ZOMG WANT. I'm still waffling over whether I can really afford them (I don't think I can, woe!), but you never know, I could win them! Highly unlikely, considering the popularity of these giveaways, but hey, somebody's got to win 'em.

Dress in a Day: Amateur-style

So, if you read any blogs besides mine or follow costume-y things on Facebook, you've probably seen Colonial Williamsburg's Dress in a Day videos. If not, go! Watch! Be impressed! A couple of local friends and costumers and I were impressed - and intrigued. Could the three of us make a dress in a day, too? In our own little amateur style, of course; none of us have any pretensions of being professional! In short? Yes, we can!

People like me!

Or, well, they like the stuff I put on this blog, anyway. I'm tickled, I promise you, to have been given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by no less than four people over the past few days! Haha, I'm cool! *happy wriggle* And thank you to Chelsea , Maggie , Judy , and Trystan ! (If I'm so cool I should probably get back to sewing, so I have things to write about here, yeah? Working on it! Been taking a little break, but break time's been going on long enough, I think.) Oh, and I've got some more followers now. Hiii!!!! *waves* The Laws of The Award, Which I Am Going To Proceed to Break: 1. Display the award and link back to the person who nominated you. 2. State 7 facts about yourself. 3. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award. 4. Notify the winners. Seven facts about me? Okay, I can do that. Um. - I have never pumped my own gas. Shut up, I've lived in New Jersey my entire life! - I've always loved reading for pleasure - I can currently see 91 boo