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1860s in New Castle...aka I think that looks familiar

Why yes, that would be my rational dress bodice with a long skirt. I did mention I wanted to make the outfit as versatile as possible in the last post, I think!

Gettysburg 2019: Rational Dress

Aka, Twowsers! Wimmins in Pants! Scandal! Hussies! Etc. etc. The short version is that most of The Usual Suspects agreed to wear trousers with me this year at Gettysburg as one of our day outfits, on the day we explored the park a bit. (A bit. There's a lot of park.) And it we had a great good time!

Gettysburg 2019: Tartan re-trim

Our group decided to attend the Friday night ball at the Gettysburg Hotel this year - and the theme for the evening was "tartan." Of course not everybody dresses in regards to the theme on any given evening, but it's encouraged, and I think it's fun to do if I can!