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Fort Fred 2015

A quickie post, as this was a re-wear and I took four pictures, though I'll come back with more if some flattering ones of me pop up later. ;) Attended the Fort Fred Market Fair in Maryland on Saturday with a bunch of friends; this is generally an annual event for us and I think it's a lot of fun, though I never buy much, myself. This year it was a pair of black silk stockings and two cakes of beeswax. Big spender. But I love seeing so many people in 18thc dress, and petting all the fabric that the sutlers have! I didn't finish my Brunswick (big surprise, eh), but I think it's all for the best, as that cotton wouldn't really have been substantial enough for me to keep warm. It was a bit chilly and I'm always cold...wool all the way! So the cream jacket got to come out and play again. Wore my Ugly Cloak over it all day, but did make it a point to get pics without it in the parking lot before we left... 1/ Yes, that is a fabulously unevenly-pinned stomac

18thc Encampment at Allaire

Well, first off, I've now got a second job in the mornings (and the J in the evenings and weekends), so I can't make any promises about sewing output for the near future. Which is blah. I doubt I'll have time to finish my Brunswick for Fort Fred next weekend, so, like most events for now, you'll be seeing repeat offenders. Good thing I have a not-inconsiderable costume wardrobe already. ;) Anyway, Allaire Historic Village in NJ had an 18thc encampment this weekend - they're usually set in 1836 (which I don't have clothes for!) but they do other events occasionally, so Robin and I decided to gate-crash, as we do. The girl at the gate insisted we didn't have to pay admission since we were reenactors; we had to force her to take our money. "We want to support your SITE, please just TAKE OUR $3!" And we met up with Tessa, who wasn't volunteering at the site this weekend, but who just happened to be there for Sunday. Very glad we didn't go

Sew ALL the things

Or none of the things! Which is what it's generally worked out to. Trying to plan for and/or sew a Brunswick, an entire yet paired-down Remembrance Day 1860s wardrobe, new stays, and a Game of Thrones dress (all the Cool People are doing it, and I am nothing if not a huge copycat) at the same time is somehow not really coming together. *short-circuits and falls over*