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Brief post!

I made my late-18-teens mourning dress two years ago to wear to the Met for their mourning exhibit, and haven't gotten decent pictures of it yet! Well, I still haven't done so...but I wore it this past weekend to a friend's black-and-white themed masquerade birthday celebration, and there is one nice picture of me, so I'm posting it here. (It was candlelight - lovely and atmospheric for the party but not great if you wanted dress detail shots, haha! Not that I really tried hard to get any; I'm not entirely sold on this particular dress. But anyway. I felt very appropriately Halloween-y!)

1770s cross barred gown

Nothing like the slimmest of reasons to finish a new dress! This particular one's been in the UFO (unfinished objects) bin for a year or so; I cut the back panel too narrow when I started it, and packed it away in annoyance. But my friends and I came across an 18thc market fair being held at Washington's Crossing, and I decided, a week out, that that was as good a reason as any to have a new dress! Playing graces! This kept us amused for a very long time.