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Sunday sewing...sorta.

Not that I got any great amount of sewing done between yesterday and today - though I did sew a stripe and a half onto the paletot sleeves - but I did go to an 18thc Field Day at Red Bank Battlefield today, with a friend (we were a small group today, sadly!). I wore the striped jacket that I made a year and a half ago, and which I hadn't had a chance to wear since; most non-fancypants 18thc events I go to are held in cold weather, so I wear my wool gown! It was warm enough today for cotton (at least in the sun!), so my poor little neglected jacket finally got a real wearing. I wore it with my small roll, and I like how the skirt of the jacket looks with it much more than without.

1810 Pompom Spencer

Apologies for not posting last week about my sewing progress - but I felt like I hadn't made any, so it was hardly worth a post. Was much more productive this week; I made most of an 1810s bonnet and finally finished the pompom spencer! I'm not going to the usual fall Regency event, so, since I don't know when I'll have an opportunity to actually wear it out, I got pictures of it this morning. Which required getting up much earlier than I like. Be impressed with my dedication to this blog. :P

Sunday update

This week, I bring you...outerwear! Not finished outerwear. I hope no one got too excited. First, I'll just note that the pompom spencer now has two sleeves, and they are attached. And that is good! Now I just have to sew more pompoms all over it... In the interests of time (and never finishing anything ever), I thought I'd start work on the things I need for Gettysburg - starting with the paletot (aka coat). I think I found about six paletots I wanted to make...but finally chose this one, not least because everything I need to make it can be found in the Stash. (Except the button forms. Gotta remember to buy those.)

Sunday update: Spencer (still!) and a cap

I mentioned that you all had permission to kick me if I'd not finished the spencer by the time of my next post, and, well...just don't kick me too hard, okay? I finally got round to mocking up, fitting, and cutting out the sleeves Thursday, and currently one sleeve's attached. Other sewing: I had jury duty Tuesday, and wanted some hand-sewing occupation that didn't involve explaining why on earth I was sewing pompoms to a tiny bolero jacket to any curious members of the public! Not that the pieces of an 18th century cap look any less odd, but they're smaller...and at least there are no pompoms . So I cut out an 18thc cap the night before. Since I was at the courthouse from 8 to 3.30, I did manage to get a good amount done (in between sitting in court, where I don't think they'd have appreciated my little project) - I hemmed two-and-a-half out of three pieces, and put some gathering stitches in. And then it seemed silly to put the cap in the UFO bin, s