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Great War event - 1916 skirt

I haven't been sewing much this summer, but I did manage to scrape together a new skirt and hat to do a Great War event with the Usual Suspects in Ringwood, NJ this past weekend.

Georgian picnic at Strawberry Mansion

Or, why we're the knockoff Koach bag of "Georgian Picnics." Also, long time no post! I've been in school. Well, I'm still in school, which is why this is not a "look at this new thing I made!" post, just an "I wore this old thing to an event" post. And I am going to be in school for the rest of 2018, so don't expect much! I actually got very close to finishing a UFO 1790s open robe for this...just not quite close enough. But I wore my couple-year-old 1790s round gown that's only had one outing, and wore it with different it was almost like a new dress anyway!