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1920s gold and white dress: Version 2.0

I wore this dress, you may remember, to a holiday event at a local late-19thc estate, and have been working on the beading off-and-on since then. This past Saturday was a good friend's bachelorette party, which we celebrated by going to see the new Gatsby film in costume. Didn't get any good pictures then (hey, it wasn't about me!), but I made an effort to get some this week! The front of the skirt is now beaded, so it was quite presentable. Very cool "film noir" shot, fixed up by Robin of SewLoud 's hubby! We keep him around to make us look good.

New Regency dress

Well, all right, that was probably the shortest sewing hiatus in the history of...ever. I really did think it was going to be longer! Anyway, Madame Modiste gave a Regency-themed tea for the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride & Prejudice, which was yesterday, and I needed a new dress! Well, "needed." I've been itching to expand my Regency-era wardrobe, and this was a good excuse. I thought the fabric looked just like something out of the 1995 P&P movie, so I called it the Lizzie Bennett dress. :)