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1780s white stays

Just finished these tonight (and I'm posting now! That's got to be some kind of record) - I needed new stays to wear with my as-yet-unfinished chemise gown for an event this Saturday. Well, "needed." More like "wanted." You see, chemise gowns are made of thin fabric, and you can see a bit of the color of the stays through them. And I wanted to strictly keep to a blue-and-white color scheme - and my current pair of 1780s stays are mint green. Dear me, that will never do!

Concerts by Candlelight at Laurel Hill

The spotted sari 1810 dress got another outing tonight - I went to a concert at an historic house in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia tonight with some family - so I took some pictures! Well, my mum did. (Which is good, because I realized I never actually posted about this dress on here! Oopsie. Cliff-notes version: Basic drop-front dress, made from a silk sari, worn over corded short stays!)