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Victorian Tea in Riverton

So - the few of us that were going to Fort Mifflin's Civil War Saturday changed our minds somewhere around Tuesday, after much checking of the weather forecast and deciding nobody really  wanted to fall over from heat exhaustion. Didn't want to waste all that work on our sheer dresses, so we decided to have tea (INSIDE) instead, and extended the invite to some more of our friends, making it a Victorian tea in a Victorian tea house in Riverton. Which had delicious food, by the way. I had the rose tea, which I really enjoyed and should've bought from the gift shop! I love this group shot!

Attack of the fluffy skirt

I have one day let's hope I don't screw anything up! Still have to finish the neckline trim, gather the skirt, and attach it to the bodice - and whatever odds & ends are left over that I've forgotten but still have to be finished. Anyway, this is a bit of the finished skirt (the hem facing is now tacked up as well). I'll be wearing this Saturday (hopefully...), so pictures after that!

Still in progress: 1862 sheer dress

I've budgeted out my time and remaining tasks to do on this dress, and I should be able to put it all together in a week if I stay on schedule! Which, thanks to hours and hours worth of work on it today, I am. ...although I'll be in trouble if my 25-more-yards-of-silk-ribbon doesn't ship quickly! *chews nails* 40 yards apparently isn't nearly enough! Anyway, where we are now. Two more flounces to go on the skirt, and then attach the skirt and bodice. Doable. (Also that's a 21-yard ruche. I felt you all needed to know that - because it was horrible .)

In progress: 1862 sheer dress

I'm really the WORST at updating here, I'm sorry! And I even have a few more followers than last time I checked...guess my lack of Doing Anything Interesting here hasn't deterred you. That's nice, I like you already. Currently in the works is a sheer dress, based on a fashion plate from 1862. (The one on the left is mine, though my hat's based on the other two.) In an attempt to stop buying fabric , I decided to use something from the Stash - white self-striped cotton organdy. (We won't talk about how I bought voile, then decided on this particular dress, attempted to buy morefor the billion yards of flounces, and despite having 200+ yards "in stock when I ordered it, the site was sold out! I was...displeased.) This has led to more of a giant marshmallow effect than I'm usually comfortable with...but you gotta step out of your comfort zone sometimes, right? (And I did buy 40 yards of blue silk ribbon to trim it with, but we won't discuss t