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Sewing this week: More K Parr

This week I decided to keep on with the coif-making I started last week, and so mostly worked on the French hood. Though I did take a day in there to sew the kirtle bodice - half the front is now boned, and I stitched together the back piece. As of today I've finished the paste, which is the colored bit of the French hood. Here's how it looks on my unimpressive styrofoam head: It doesn't have the braids across the crown of the head that I'll wear with it; that's what gives it stability and just a little bit of height. (Not a great big crescent plopped on top of the head!)

This week in sewing

More Katherine Parr! Finished farthingale, started boning the kirtle bodice, and started work on the foundation layer of the French hood. I may have to add more fluff to the bumpad later; have to see how much the weight of the skirts affects it.

Your weekly sewing report

Figured I ought to try and get back into my weekly updates here, even if they aren't much - just so I don't have to write out any more long posts like last week's! I didn't do a lot of sewing this week - I took a day off Katherine Parr for an attempt at making a 1950s bra top ( Simplicity 1426 , view C). I say "attempt" because I got it to a try-on-able point (i.e. mostly finished) and discovered it didn't fit in the least! That particular pattern variation is not small-bust-friendly. I could pick it apart and fix it, but I wanted it for a quick and easy project that I  could wear to a party this past weekend. So much for that! As for K Parr, I got my forepart/lower sleeve fabric in the mail, which is the last big thing I needed for this project (except for, um, the jewelry), and so of course I had to lay all my fabrics out to see how they'll look. Red & gold silk damask for the forepart, taupe silk damask for the gown, and white fur for the

Sewing day - Katherine Parr

Long time, no update! I did warn you... Recap as to what I'm working on: a group of friends and I decided to attend our local Renaissance Faire this fall as the Six Wives of Henry VIII. Tudor England was one of my first loves in history, even before I started costuming, so of course I jumped right in! Between my affinity for the period, and the fact that I haven't done a Big Project in a while...I decided to make this a Big Project! Entirely hand-sewn, and accurate as I, personally, have the time/money/materials/knowledge to make it. Katherine Parr is one of the more well-represented wives in terms of surviving portraiture - I had three I was considering, but after a preliminary materials search, I chose the well-known one in the National Portrait Gallery.