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Francaise Dinner 2015

Or, Yet Another Event in Which I Took No Pictures! Indoor event with low lighting, y'know. Poor old sad camera. So I'll just leave you with a link to one of the organizers' posts and group picture!), on In the Long Run . Aren't we a fabulous group?? It was a great event, though I felt maybe a little underdressed with all the silks about! That's me seated towards the center, with the tiara and lower-cut-than-I-remembered-aieee(!) dress-in-a-day. And fluffy hair. Very fluffy hair. Also, here's my real Almost-A-Winner icon from was in my spam folder the whole time! OOPS. I'm a weeener ! Next on the docket is an 18th century hoodie! Okay, a Brunswick...for Fort Fred Market Fair at the end of April. More on that next time.

Odds and ends

First off, I neglected to post about it, but I was a runner up in the Your Wardrobe Unlock'd costume contest this year, which was pretty cool! (Anybody who voted for my dress, thank you. I am surprised and flattered.) I never did get the icon proclaiming me a runner-up that was listed as a prize, though, so I made one for myself. (With apologies to Hyperbole and a Half ...) Besides serious Paint creativity, what have I been up to? Um. The striped 1780s dress and I had a falling-out. I didn't want a weird butt-bubble in the skirt, but it did. I put it in the naughty pile and then proceeded to get sick. The current plan is to wear the Dress-in-a-Day for the Francaise Dinner. Not too horrible as I've never actually worn it to an event! "Styled" a new-old wig to wear with said dress, as a friend's borrowing my usual 1780s wig. I say "styled" because it was really more manhandling. I had an old ratty wig I tried and failed to style into a pouf

Working on the 1780s bodice

Verreh, verreh slowly. But it is all put together, so now I need to work out those sleeves. Those terrible, terrible sleeves. There will definitely be piecing involved. Sigh . But I tried the bodice and waistcoat on so I could make sure the back shoulder fit properly, so I got some pictures for le blog (because nobody cares about a pictureless post, amirite). My t-shirt and pajama pants really made the look, I think.