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Cream taffeta sack jacket

I'm very pleased I managed to finish this in time to make the Historical Sew Fortnightly deadline! I needed it finished anyway, so this "embellish" challenge gave me a perfect deadline at the perfect time. This almost completes my "breakfast outfit" - just the accessories left to do now!

18thc quilted petticoat

I'm counting this as an undergarment for the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge...even though the reason behind its creation is to be a top petticoat (y'know, the one you see!). But I do have every intention of wearing this under things for warmth as well, now that I've got it counts! It's made to be part of a 1760s(ish) "lounging" outfit, that will sooner or later (hopefully sooner) consist of the petticoat, a cream taffeta sack jacket, and cream jumps. There's a Second Annual Francaise Dinner coming up in my neck of the woods, and many of us staying overnight at the Inn are going to dress for breakfast as well. So I want a fancy but comfy outfit!

Green and gold Regency dress

I wore this new dress to a Regency Card Party this past Saturday night. It's not finished to my satisfaction, as I left the sleeves til last-minute, and ended up having some Issues with them. I have to take them off and do some piecing, both to the sleeve you see and the oversleeve that never made it onto the dress! But the party itself was a wonderful time! Since I forgot my camera, I didn't bother getting anyone to take full-length shots of the dress this time (since I'm not happy with the sleeves anyway). But here are a few shots from others, that I happen to be in. Just so you can have an idea of the dress!