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Gettysburg Remembrance Day weekend 2013

A great weekend! I'm glad so many of my friends agreed to play along with me in the 1860s; it was a lot of fun. The only time we got a picture of the whole group was at the ball on Friday night, so here you go: Besides the bonnets, I didn't really have anything new for the weekend, though I did manage a few bits and pieces, most of which I mentioned here already. I wore the dress of 1000 triangles to the ball Friday, and my grey wool day dress on Saturday, with my oh-so-out-of-date 1840s mantle; thus, did not try very hard to get pictures of myself. But here are some without me!

Time management skills...

The short of it is, I've majorly scaled down my plans for Gettysburg sewing! Have decided to prioritize finishing the odds and ends on the pieces I already have, rather than attempting to make some more half-finished things. I did make and finish the World's Ugliest Nightgown this week, but I don't think I want to post a picture of it! It's really that ugly. Also, I'm glad I tried on the Dress of a Thousand Triangles today, because I'm going to have to put a placket in, which is, uh, putting it generously. To say "it almost doesn't fit any more" would be sadder yet more appropriate. Thank goodness I decided to have it lace shut rather than use hooks and eyes. Well, it has been a year and a half since I last wore it... If this trend continues, I may need to make a new ballgown for Remembrance Day weekend 2014! Bonnet No.1 bonnet is this close to done, I just need to put flowers and crap on it. I was going to bang out all the machine se

1860s, again

And what did I accomplish this week for Gettysburg? Mostly little things, but I think I have sewn every day, and that's good. I'm still just about on track with my Overly Ambitious sewing schedule, there's that. - First, I trimmed my bonnet. I made it TWO YEARS ago, so it's about time! And weren't those flowers just so much fun to sew on.

1860s sewing

I've been working on a few different things for Gettysburg this week (started putting together a chemise to wear with my ballgown, got the construction of Not-For-Me Bonnet No.1 underway), but mainly sewed stripes on my paletot. Endless, endless stripes. But hey! I finished sewing the last stripe today, so now I can think about doing...the pockets. Or the collar. Or the front closures. Or the piping. OH, THE PIPING. Anywho. Pictures!