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Sewing green stuff

Pelisse: Still looks the same, although I finally motivated myself to gear up so I could see whether I wanted the CF to meet edge to edge, or overlap (overlap, it was decided). So I've finished almost all the edges I need to before I can start putting on the fur - just one more side of the CF to do. And now of course the weather forecast is far too warm for next weekend, which is when I intended to wear it! Here's hoping it changes... Pierrot jacket: Oh, I started a late 18thc jacket. It is also green, hence the post title. I don't really need it, but hey. When has that ever stopped me before? Inspired mainly by the little jacket in the KCI collection , but not directly copied. Terrible nighttime picture I took of it a few days ago, before I sternly told myself I should finish the pelisse first (even if I don't get to wear it): Hard to tell, but the fabric's sage-green satin with bronze stripes and I think it's very nice! Bought it as a remnant from Renaiss

Pelisse progress

Yes, it took me a whole week to make sleeves and put them in. Unimpressive proof of said sleeves. Oh, but I also stitched in some twill tape to the inner waist to give it some stability. That took a very long time. *nods* No, it really didn't. Oh, and I made myself another 1950s skirt for modern wear - blue and black tartan cotton flannel, that I wore yesterday and didn't take a picture of. Maybe next time I wear it!

Pelisse in-progress

Did I mention I'm making a pelisse? I can't remember. Well hey, guess what? I'm making a pelisse! I decided I wanted one when I saw the first trailer for the new War & Peace (before the one-shouldered David's Bridal monstrosity appeared on the scene and all my excitement fizzled out). As such, I'm calling it a War & Peace pelisse (it rhymes! hurr), despite it being a little later in date than most of the story. (Since the current series seems to have imported at least one of its characters' wardrobes from 1923, I won't quibble with a pelisse from 1815ish rather than 1805-13.) And despite the particular shade of green I'm using being maybe a little too vivid for that early in the century. But that would be some serious picking of nits! And it's rather delicious fabric. Anyway! The materials: Green/bronze shot silk taffeta, to be trimmed in Russian (possibly?) squirrel, aka a vintage coat I found for absurdly cheap on ebay. I took