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Gettysburg: the very short version

Back! And was absolutely horrid at picture-taking, especially from a blogging point of view. I lost my camera for a good chunk of the weekend (of course the day I wore my new day dress), so I'm going to try and get out this week to take pictures of it. I make no guarantees, though, as it's a holiday week... Shall leave you with a photo of the tintype of our group that was taken on Saturday. I'm wearing my old candy-stripe plaid silk, which I was surprised looked pretty boring on the plate. Wait til you see Katherine 's in color, though!

Dress for sale

Still 1860s sewing! This post just brings you a commercial break. ;) I've put up my green and gold Regency evening dress for sale in my etsy shop - I almost didn't because I do still like it! And then I sternly asked myself when was the last time I wore it, sighed, and wrote up the listing. Listing here