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Update: Still Regency sewing

Well, I completely forgot to update at all last Sunday! Ooops. I mean, I still don't have much finished to post about, but a bit is better than nothing, right? First, I finished a new reticule,which I promise does not actually have a wildly off-centred tassel. It's just your basic sack - a circle of silk, lined in cotton, with a drawstring channel at the edge for the ribbon. No, it doesn't remotely match my (planned) outfit. Then there was a ridiculous chemisette that took three days to make, for some reason.

Regency sewing

So I have been doing sew-y things this week - but none of them in a picture-taking state, really. I've started a new Regency dress - to wear on a little outing to Philadelphia next month. All my day dresses are very thin silks or muslins, and I wanted something a bit more substantial. I'd a drapey wool suiting in the stash that wasn't earmarked for anything, so I decided on that. It's not a super-exciting color (a yellowy kind of ecru with thin white stripes), but I'm going to pair it with a black spencer so I think it'll be alright. The skirt panels of the dress are sewn together, and tonight I finally finished fitting the bodice mockup and cut the wool and the lining. I'm also in the process of making a new reticule because the one I have is a bit on the small side. The new one's cut out and hemmed, and I've sewn a bit of the drawstring channel. Hopefully next update I'll have something a bit more exciting to post!

Regency Twelfth Night party

This past Saturday night, my friends and I had our Regency Christmas party that was postponed because of bad weather. Of course, anyone living in the Mid-Atlantic region will note that the weather was bad immediately beforehand for this snow date, too! Happily the highways dried out fairly quickly, and no one who was planning to come to the new date had to cancel because of weather. I stayed over Friday night so I could be up bright and early to start with the cooking and decorating - which there was a lot of! We had enough food to feed an army. And drinks...don't lets even mention the drinks. I learned anew that my poor little camera makes everything orange in candlelight photos (and then my batteries died and I couldn't find the new ones), so none of these photos were taken by me. I very much appreciate those of my friends with decent enough cameras to get good shots! Enough of this, on to the party! FOOD. (Photo credit: quincy134 of In the Long Run )