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New Sleeves and a Poe Picnic

 A couple of weeks ago, the extended version of the Usual Suspects got together for a Poe-themed picnic/outing at Valley Forge; Washington Memorial Chapel is an early-20thc church with really pretty "Gothic" architecture with little cloisters on one side, so, perfect for a Poe-esque setting! It was the first costume outing we've had since March, and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely. Gorgeous fall weather, and it's a VERY large park so despite the lots of people who had the same idea we did (spending the afternoon out-of-doors, not dressing in funny clothes), there was plenty of space for everyone to maintain a reasonable distance and not have too many dog-walkers in the background of our photos! Note: all watermarked pictures are courtesy of our friend Meredith/Molly Picture Studio. She's a professional!

1961 Flamingo Dress - B6318

 A post in 2020?! Be still, my beating heart.   (Like many people, I've been finding it hard to be productively creative this year! I've started a ton of sewing projects, but finished very few, and even less that's worth blogging about. This was a very simple dress, but it is also a Done Dress, so it gets a blog post.)