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Victorian Party

Well, whenever I promise to "update more", you should know automatically not to expect another post for two weeks at least! Again, nothing new sewn, but I went to a lovely Victorian party at a friend's house yesterday. We ate, drank, chatted, and cheated ubiquitously at croquet! I wore my striped 1870s dress - obviously, as I have nothing else! Here's some photos of it - I managed to tie the polonaise a little less wonkily this time! Didn't lace tightly enough though, so halfway through the day the corset started doing The Creep, and I've a weird bustline lumpiness going on in the later photos. SIGH. Nothing's ever perfect!

Adding pages!

I've decided to try and update here more often - with in-progress posts as well as finished ones. To that end, I made pages for each era of costumes I made, which now have tabs at the top of the page. Eventually each costume will link back to the blog posts I've made about them (to make it easier to see more pictures, any in-progress shots, &tc.). It's not all finished yet, but just wanted to put it out there as a PSA!

Belvidere Victorian Days

Bad blogger! This was ages ago (well a few weeks, anyway) and I didn't do a post. Well, it's not a new dress, so it wasn't top of my list. Of course, I forgot it's new here... Belvidere Victorian Days - Saturday September 8 2012. We were only there a few hours before a serious rainstorm moved in, but it was great fun to shop and chat with everybody!

Mid-1920s green lawn dress

I made and wore this a while ago (three weeks? four weeks?), but didn't get any full-length shots, so I wanted to wait until I'd washed it to get more photos to post here. And when I'd finally gotten round to washing it, we had rainy weather so I couldn't get the photos-in-the-park that I wanted. But we had beautiful weather today, so here you go! This dress was mostly a one-day deal; I worked out the measurements and design, then procrastinated until two days before the event to even cut the fabric. But it's the 1920s, right? Easy-peasy. Step One: Cut rectangle. Step Two: Sew rectangle. Step Three: Wear rectangle.