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And now, a word from our sponsors... Kidding. But if anyone reading happens to be located in South Jersey, my friends and I will be at the Indian King Tavern in Haddonfield, doing a dressmaking demo from 10-3 tomorrow (Saturday). And it's going to be really, really hot, so we hope someone shows up so our suffering is not in vain! Despite the flyer with my face all over it, it's not going to be just me...promise. xP

Chintz Dress Part 2: The Dress

Part 1 recapped my reason for making a silly 18thc hat (construction details in the linked post) and a dress to go with it; now let's talk about the dress itself. First and's an Ikea duvet cover. And a very nice duvet cover it is, too! (I was amused to learn that Katherine C-G owns it as well - in use as an actual duvet cover! I take this to mean we both have excellent taste.)

Chintz Dress Part 1: The Party

Writing about both the details of the chintz dress and the party in one post is getting a little unwieldy, so I'm splitting it up! First things first: the whole reason I made the hat, and the dress to go with the 18th century Big Hat Tea! Hosted by the lovely Jenny la Fleur and her extremely accommodating family (!), the requirements were, well, 18th century, and a big hat. And did this crowd deliver! I thought everyone looked spectacular.