Chintz Dress Part 1: The Party

Writing about both the details of the chintz dress and the party in one post is getting a little unwieldy, so I'm splitting it up! First things first: the whole reason I made the hat, and the dress to go with the 18th century Big Hat Tea!
Hosted by the lovely Jenny la Fleur and her extremely accommodating family (!), the requirements were, well, 18th century, and a big hat. And did this crowd deliver! I thought everyone looked spectacular.

Really that's the reason for a whole separate post - I want to brag about my friends and how awesome they are! ;)
The food and drink at the tea was, of course, delicious. So pretty, too.
This is how we 1780s. ;)
There was shopping to be had! I bought some new earrings from Dames a la Mode - I do love me a good pearl drop earring! So I bought two pairs, haha.
There was graces to keep us entertained! I do love a good game of graces.
A bad game of graces, too, hah. I'm impressed we only got it stuck in the tree once, and didn't launch it over the fence at all!
Katherine's hat made up for what it lacked in sheer size, with attitude. ;)
Everyone is jealous of Alice's hair except, possibly, Alice.
And nightfall didn't put a damper on things! Although eventually people started shedding hairpins, hair rats, and stays. A perk of staying on-site!
So, once again a big thank-you to our hosts - it was a wonderful party, and I'm glad I had an excuse to finally use that fabric!

Up next: Part 2: Or, Yes, I Am In Fact Wearing Koshka-the-Cat's Bedspread.