Friday, November 29, 2019

Gettysburg 2019: The Horrible Chartreuse Dress

Last weekend was Remembrance Day in Gettysburg, PA; my little group and I like to go out every other year for it. I've been going since 2011 so I'm pretty well stocked on 1860s cold-weather clothes, even considering the learning curve and improvement of sewing skills!

That said, I still like the planning and sewing of outfits just as much as wearing them, so I did make a couple of new items: a "rational dress" and a new silk "dinner dress", plus retrimmed the old satin ballgown for the tartan-themed ball we attended on Friday night. I'll do separate posts on all of those, otherwise I think it will get too long. And I especially want to do the rational dress justice!

Dinner bodice Chartreuse dress
Mr Pip looooves crinolines. They are best toy.
So, up today: the Horrible Chartreuse Dress. Why have I called it such a mean name? Well, I'm one of those fair people who doesn't look great in most shades of yellow, and that very much includes yellow-greens. BUT, a good few years ago I saw a silk taffeta in one of those excellent Fabricmart sales that was this wonderfully awful shade of chartreuse, and it was such an 1860s color ("let's play with all these new dyes we have!") and such a good deal I couldn't pass it up.

Dinner bodice Chartreuse dress