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1911 Corsets & Crinolines corset

Bad, off-center pictures taken with the timer, but proof I can finish things! Every once in awhile.

New Regency, first outing

Well, it's not done , but it's been worn! To the annual Pumpkin Tea a friend has, where there's lots of great food, tasty tea, pretty dresses, and better company! We had good weather, too, unseasonably mild, which made for some nice photos. Due to a series of Unfortunate Events, I didn't end up being able to finish the spencer or the bonnet - was hoping I'd be able to wear at least one of the two, but it didn't work out. So I borrowed a hat (that ended up matching my outfit very well; I was tempted to smuggle it out in my bag...but she knows me too well and kept an eye on me!) and went in my shirt-sleeves. Very glad it wasn't cold... How I felt about my very-unfinished outfit! Other people did seem to actually actively like it, though, so I guess that's good! And I do like the jumper style, because it's kind of cute, if more informal than I had planned to be!