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Tall Ships

I got no good pictures of my outfit, so I must apologize! There were what felt like millions of people, and we only got to tour (or should I say "tour", as no one told us anything about it, we just walked on, walked off) one ship. But I got to see my friends, and we had a lovely lunch at City Tavern, and I enjoyed my sail on the When and If immensely. The crew were very nice to me, and didn't act like they thought I was a madwoman, dressed like that all by my onesie...even if they really did think so. ;) If I find any more pictures later I'll update, but for now you just get three. You can't see the other two hundred people milling around on the ship, just behind the person with the camera...

Regency sewing

So, this week I worked on Regency Tall Ships Things, unsurprisingly. Not much worth taking pictures of, which will make for a boring post, sorry. I'll make it up to you next week! First off, I finished shaping my first-ever straw form...which I'm promptly handing off to Robin , who doesn't mind taking my experiments off my hands! It's a little wilty this time, but it's not bad enough to put me off straw forms forever! ;) Although, I did end up buying a new roll of buckram. I was considering a straw for myself, but I'm familiar enough with buckram forms that it'll be quicker and easier to make a new buckram bonnet for Tall Ships instead! I got a nice bit of that put together yesterday; sewed the pieces together, got all the mulling put on, and started covering it in red satin. I think it's going to be quite nice. A red bonnet and a red spencer! The body of the spencer's put together, so all I need to do is sleeves, trim, and fastenings. I didn&#

Bloggers Award

The lovely Anneliese of The Young Sewphisticate has nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award; thank you very much! I don't always "do" these awards that ask you to write out some Q&As, but I do appreciate the ones you've all ever given me in comments! (Hooray! I'm inspiring! I'm still tickled by this.) Although - they do always require you to nominate X more blogs, and I feel a bit like I'm perpetuating a chain letter. So as per usual, I'm just going to answer the questions, and that'll have to be good enough. :) Why did you begin blogging? I started a costume journal on a different platform about ten years ago, because many of the Big-Name Costumers I read were on there, and there was a great costuming community. When Blogger came out, I thought it would be a good place for me to have a slightly more professional costume portfolio (but only slightly!), apart from my daily "I sewed a seam"! Plus it's a wa

Little White Dress

Finished! Well, except that I need to order more white silk ribbon for the drawstring...I discovered this afternoon that I'm out, and used stiff unpleasant poly for now. Photos first, and then I'll complain about tucks... Modeled with very historically-inappropriate hair and footwear (for my age, anyway!), but I just wanted to get this documented and out of the way.

New jacket and a Regency dress

Wotcher! Long time, no update! I did warn you...but we should be back to more regular updates around here soon. I'll try to get back into weekly posts, providing I've done something worth posting about! I've just started volunteering with the Indian King Tavern in Haddonfield, and yesterday was their annual "skirmish" in front of the Tavern (blocking Kings Highway off and making drivers mad, it was great fun). There was never any actual fighting in Haddonfield during the Revolution, but the public does love that kind of thing - and the numbers of visitors were quite good! I'm new enough to not be confident in any of the little information I know about the site, so I sat outside and sewed a pair of mitts - something I am confident in. ;) And I had a new jacket to wear. I made it a couple of weeks ago, having decided I really needed a specifically light-weight 18thc outfit for summer. Of course it ended up not being disgustingly hot on Saturday...but I