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Chemise gown, again

Well, all right. The turque/open robe fought me tooth and nail on the sleeves, and Friday afternoon I decided I'd rather retain my sanity and have better sleeves at a later date - so I ended up wearing the chemise gown. Which, of course, I already took pictures of. Well, here are some more! A friend had a lovely little 18th century picnic on Saturday - perfect weather, great food, decorations, and company too! (All these photos are from SewLoud and Learning to Costume , because, as usual, I took no pictures!)

Chemise gown

(Or, the snausage dress.) (I wore it once, for ten minutes to take pictures in the back yard, and have already gotten a mud mark on the hem and snagged the hem thread. I'm good.) I'm making an open-robe-turque-thing to wear over it to an event on the 15th, so I did want to get a few pics of it sans robe-thing! I think the clotheslines next to my head really make it, don't you? (I was pressed for time so couldn't get to one of my nice parks, but wanted to get it out of the way!)