Chemise gown, again

Well, all right. The turque/open robe fought me tooth and nail on the sleeves, and Friday afternoon I decided I'd rather retain my sanity and have better sleeves at a later date - so I ended up wearing the chemise gown. Which, of course, I already took pictures of. Well, here are some more!

A friend had a lovely little 18th century picnic on Saturday - perfect weather, great food, decorations, and company too!

(All these photos are from SewLoud and Learning to Costume, because, as usual, I took no pictures!)

My voile dress really liked the breeze!

Shoe shot!
Very pastoral I think.
I think the only side-shot of the hat so you can see the flowers!
I like this shot. :)

Any details about my outfit are in the post before this (not that there are many; it's a big cotton bag with sleeves!) - hand-sewn chemise gown with sash, hat made by me, shoes recovered (and glued to within an inch of their lives!) by me.


  1. Lovely photos! And never enough of them :)

    1. Thank you! (And, I knoooow, I'm so bad at picture-taking! I need to work on that!)

  2. Splendid! A grand shoe shot - and I doubt anyone noticed your little mud spot from your earlier post about this dress. Shoes "glued within an inch of their lives" - had me LOL - Joy!

    1. Hehe! They really *are*. :D And thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I love the shoe shots from events.


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