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Welsh Costume

 Or, Traditional Welsh Dress, if you prefer. I actually made most of this outfit for a "Bonfire Night" themed party in 2022, but I didn't make the hat and I didn't bother making the sleeves because it ended up being 80F that weekend and didn't feel at all autumnal...and as such I didn't bother getting any nice pictures of it! I wore it on Halloween to sit out front and give out candy to trick or treaters (and creep some of them out ), which felt much more appropriate weather for this the 50s and then lower once the sun went down. Which in turn inspired me to finish it up properly - at least enough to take pictures and document its existence! There's a lot of documenting ahead; if you're just here for the pictures you may want to step over to Instagram instead! I've posted and will keep posting some shots of the outfit there, too, with much less verbosity. Relatively speaking.