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A post

I've really sewn a whole lot of nothing this month, haven't I? Sorry I'm so boring lately! And it's not really for any good reason, either. The Francaise Dinner is this coming Saturday, and the only thing I need to finish for it are a new pair of pocket hoops. I was going to finish the brocade sack I started last year (no), and was going to try and get my Ottoman Turkish lounging outfit done as well (also no, though I've been picking away on the smock for the last week or so). There's not much going on in March to light a fire under my bum, either - the Dinner is 1st of March, and then there's nothing til...Fort Fred I think? Which is the end of April. Mmm...not very promising!

Another not-sewing post

One of my friends is selling off a few of her costumey bits and pieces, to try and raise money so she can make the best event of the year (in my not-so-humble opinion). She's only got a few pieces up on her journal thus far, but will be putting up some fabric and et ceteras in the next couple days. Pretty Jacobean linen jacket, hand finished. Don't you want it? Go buy it!

Shiny Things and a link to a giveaway

A friend has recently opened an Etsy shop...she's made lovely accessories for her own 18th/19thc outfits for a while, and is now branching out to sell them to all of us! She's got necklaces, earrings, and fans at the moment, and she's holding a giveaway for a lovely bead necklace at the moment!  I did consider not sharing the giveaway with everybody so I'd have better odds of winning, but... ;) Just leave a comment on her blog entry to enter the giveaway, and check out her shop while you're at it!

Regency Winter Outing

For my birthday, I wanted to make Regency winter-wear and have my friends play dress-up with me! I thought a day of running around the historic district of Philadelphia would fit the bill nicely, so that's what we did yesterday.

Black spencer: a couple in-progress shots

TWO posts planned for you today! Be impressed. I just thought it would be easier to separate the details about the spencer and all the pictures from our Regency play-day into two posts. First, the spencer.

Sewing Sunday - 18-teens striped wool dress complete

I just had some finishing bits of the striped wool dress to do today, but of course it took me most of the afternoon, so I didn't get as far along on the black spencer as I'd have liked. But first, striped dress pictures! Not on me. That would be too exciting. Or terrifying, since I was off work today and I din't bother wrangling my hair... Enjoy Mabel's inappropriately low bustline instead.