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Victorian Picnic (Or, The Ugly Shirtwaist Rides Again)

Still not a new outfit, but documentation of all outings is required, no? And I trimmed a new and very stupid-looking hat. This was a picnic on the lawn of the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion in Philadelphia; I couldn't tell you what the house looked like inside as it wasn't open for tours, but it has a very nice outside! Obviously demonstrated well by Yours Truly hiding in the shrubbery. Look, I can work for the White House! (Sorry, political joke.)


Playing costume catch-up with a couple of events! This one was the Mid-Atlantic WWII weekend in Reading in early June. World War II is a little later than we usually do (and personally I really don't like early 40s fashion), but it wasn't much sewing for anybody, and a nice well-attended event that wasn't too far away. I made most of a sundress from a Vintage Vogue 1940 pattern - the key word being "most." I tried it on the night before and it was too big. D'oh! Totally fixable, but not the night before an event I had to get up very early for. So I wore a very old striped cotton dress from a 1947 Vintage Vogue pattern (good thing I have a penchant for vintage in Real Life!) and called it Close Enough.

Vintage Mini-Post: 1957

I'm going to try to be a little better at posting my "vintage" sewing here as well as the costumes; at least they're posts, however brief and less-interesting than proper costumes they might be! (I tend to "dress vintage" in everyday life so this type of sewing doesn't seem as interesting to me as, say, an 1860s ballgown might be. Still, it is sewing, and generally takes much less time than costume! So, might as well post about it, right?) And I put "vintage" in quotes because I wear very little real vintage; that is, clothing actually made in the 40s/50s/etc. I know the community tends to use the term interchangeably, but it bugs my inner pedant ("my dresses aren't actually vintage , I made that one last week!"). Calling them anything else is cumbersome, though, so on to the vintage, with or without quotes! This one is from a Vintage Vogue pattern , V8789, view A. The fabric is a lightweight linen/cotton blend, printed wit