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Titanic exhibit

Finally finished and wore my 1913 outfit! I went to the Titanic exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philly yesterday with a group of friends - of course we had to wear our 19-teens outfits! It was a very well-put together exhibit; if it's ever in your town I highly recommend it! Photography wasn't allowed in the exhibit, so there aren't many pictures, but I did make sure to get a couple of my new outfit!

1760s breakfast outfit

The second annual Francaise Dinner was held this past Saturday night; it was an absolutely wonderful time, and if you're somewhere in the Philadelphia area next year (or can get to it!), do join us! Lots of fun, lots of punch, lots of excellent costumes. I'll post a few pictures of the dinner in a little while - I didn't end up taking any myself, so I've got to do a bit of collecting from those who did! I ended up driving home in my breakfast outfit on Sunday, because it's so comfy and I like it so much - and then it was such good weather, I recruited Lil' Sis to come with me to Red Bank Battlefield Park and get some nice pictures of it.