Green and gold Regency dress

I wore this new dress to a Regency Card Party this past Saturday night. It's not finished to my satisfaction, as I left the sleeves til last-minute, and ended up having some Issues with them. I have to take them off and do some piecing, both to the sleeve you see and the oversleeve that never made it onto the dress!

But the party itself was a wonderful time! Since I forgot my camera, I didn't bother getting anyone to take full-length shots of the dress this time (since I'm not happy with the sleeves anyway). But here are a few shots from others, that I happen to be in. Just so you can have an idea of the dress!

(first two pictures from Jenny La Fleur, second two from Isabella of All the Pretty Dresses)

Brief outline of Dress Details:
- Made from a dark green, quite lightweight, silk sari. (You can just see the gold border at the hem in the first picture.) The bodice is lined in linen; the sleeves and skirt are unlined. Handsewn, which is going to make fixing those awful sleeves even more fun.
- Based on the shawl dress in Costume in Detail, just made from a sari instead of a shawl!
- Draped by Yours Truly...the bodice lining is darted, and the silk is draped over that.

In-progress shots:
Bodice lining
Draping the silk on top of the lining...
...which I then tacked down & trimmed off
Gathering of the skirt at the back
And that's where the pictures leave off, because there was no need to take photos of sleeve-wrangling that didn't work out! I need to redo the sleeves before I wear the dress again, when hopefully I can remember to get some detail shots of the closure, &tc.


  1. You did such an awesome job on this!

    1. Thank you! I'm not pleased with the sleeves, but I guess they *are* hard to see, and the right accessories always help an outfit out! :)


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