Concerts by Candlelight at Laurel Hill

The spotted sari 1810 dress got another outing tonight - I went to a concert at an historic house in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia tonight with some family - so I took some pictures! Well, my mum did.

(Which is good, because I realized I never actually posted about this dress on here! Oopsie. Cliff-notes version: Basic drop-front dress, made from a silk sari, worn over corded short stays!)

The house was built around 1767, and had additions put on in the 1790s and 1830s, so I felt perfectly appropriate in 1810s dress! it's been really hot lately, and the concert's held in a fairly small space. No taking up two chairs!
Concert was held in the octagonal room on the right side of the house.
And the back has a lovely view of the Schuylkill River...
Well, okay, there I was gesturing to the lovely view of the highway over the river!
And to think - in 1767, this was built as a country house, outside the city! Well, if you squint and pretend you can't see the buildings or the chain-link fence...
And yes, it was quite breezy on the back lawn!


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