1920s gold and white dress: Version 2.0

I wore this dress, you may remember, to a holiday event at a local late-19thc estate, and have been working on the beading off-and-on since then. This past Saturday was a good friend's bachelorette party, which we celebrated by going to see the new Gatsby film in costume. Didn't get any good pictures then (hey, it wasn't about me!), but I made an effort to get some this week! The front of the skirt is now beaded, so it was quite presentable.

Very cool "film noir" shot, fixed up by Robin of SewLoud's hubby! We keep him around to make us look good.
Same shot in a more usual format.
I've had this scarf for quite a few years, it just occurred to me that it might look good with this dress. Stroke of genius!
Isadora Duncan-type scarf, I thought. Don't worry, I didn't wear it in an open car...
And the unbeaded back (and my bad hair). Maybe by the next wearing...


  1. Ah, this dress is gorgeous! You look great in gold! :)

    1. Thank you! It's not my favorite era, but I admit the dress is growing on me!


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