Georgian picnic at Strawberry Mansion

Or, why we're the knockoff Koach bag of "Georgian Picnics." Also, long time no post! I've been in school. Well, I'm still in school, which is why this is not a "look at this new thing I made!" post, just an "I wore this old thing to an event" post. And I am going to be in school for the rest of 2018, so don't expect much! I actually got very close to finishing a UFO 1790s open robe for this...just not quite close enough.
But I wore my couple-year-old 1790s round gown that's only had one outing, and wore it with different it was almost like a new dress anyway!

With my blue and white striped sash, a kerchief, and a blue ribbon in my hair? Totally new outfit!
I love 1790s, even if it's not the the modern eye. (No, nobody's pregnant, even if we look it!) I tend to like transitional styles, and 1790s is definitely transitional; I think the evolution from "standard" 18thc to high-waisted Regency is fascinating, and if you look at 1790s you can see it go. Some of those styles are pretty wacky! I didn't wear a wig this time, which was good for being less hot (I try not to wear wigs at outdoor events around here during the warm months!), but less good because it was really high humidity and my front hair got decidedly wilted as the day went on! Ah well.
We picnicked at Historic Strawberry Mansion in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia; they were really lovely and welcoming! We'd planned to picnic on their nice azalea-bordered lawn, but since it was a bit squishy (thank you, rain) they were kind enough to let us set up shop on their patio instead.
We didn't have a huge turn-out (naturally, being a knockoff of the real Georgian Picnic!), but the company was delightful, and the food was great. We lucked out and didn't get any more of the predicted rain til after nightfall, so we stayed a good five hours there - we got a nice tour of the house, but most of the time was just snacking, walking around the lawn, and chatting! Thoroughly enjoyable day, and a big thank you to all our friends who showed up, and to Strawberry Mansion for letting a group of weirdos park themselves on their lawn all afternoon! ;)
Our smart married couple, chaperoning all the young ladies!
They needed to be chaperoned!
An excellent gathering of friends and food
Even got some brief glimmers of sunshine!
The music room in one of the 1825 additions to the house was STUNNING
The lawn was perfect for playing graces! Well, maybe we'll remember the sticks and hoop next time... ;)


  1. Beautiful! I live in the Midwest and there's very little opportunity to have picnics and pretty outings like this, but finally a small group of us are starting to get some things going. You may feel like the outing was a "knock-off" but I find it highly inspirational!!

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