Regency shirt finished

Quick post before I trot off to bed (trains are back up after two days not running, thanks Hurricane Sandy); I managed to finish the linen shirt to wear with the pompom Regency outfit.

Bad pics, sorry! Bad lighting, bad know how it goes.

It's made from leftover bits of remarkably annoying lightweight linen from a project that never got finished. (The linen's remarkably annoying because it's a very loose weave and felt the need to snag a lot in the machine!)

It's half machine-sewn and half hand-sewn; the seams are all flat-felled, with the first seam done on the machine and then finished by hand. Except for the neck and collar, which is all done by hand.

And I didn't mean to make the sleeves quite that large...I mislabeled the body & sleeve pieces, and didn't realize til they were all sewn together. Whoops, too late.

Oh, and two of the seams are sewn with the wrong side out, as is the hem. Derp! But this is not one of my Must Be Perfect projects - plus, with the dress on, you can't see the wacky seams anyway.

On to the spencer! Er, well, and the hem of the dress.