New Ren Faire outfit

Or, What Happens When You're A Procrastinator.

You have an unfinished jacket with no trim, no shoulder bits and crappy sleeves, no coif, and no smock. So you wear your 1530s French hood and your low-necked 18thc shift, and feel self-conscious all day (even though it's the Renaissance Faire, and no one besides the group you're with know how wrong it is!).

So...I hesitate to call this done, but then, I don't know when I'll actually get around to fixing the horrible chicken-wing sleeves, putting on trim, and all that - we've got Many Wicked Plans for next year's faire visit, and none of them involve a c1590-1600 jacket!

At least it was wool, so I wasn't cold for the final joust...except for my neck. Would have helped if I had a HIGH-NECKED SMOCK or something.

Just a couple pictures so you can see the awfulness...

And I know, it could be a lot worse - but the thing is, I know I can do better than that, and I didn't, so that's why I'm annoyed!
Try to ignore my stupid face here...
Our badges say "Jacket Brigade", if you were wondering! Because...jackets were a Thing this year.
Decent view of the chicken-wing sleeve - my forearm isn't really shaped like that.
More chicken-wing! Also weird shoulder-wrinking. And the top of the French hood, but I don't have a problem with THAT.
Not to say I didn't have a lovely time (I did!), because I have awesome friends that are always fun to play dress up & hang out with, and we had really good faire weather. But my sewing is substandard...the more I look at it the more displeased I get.

I think that means I should just hit publish and stop looking at it, then!