Progress (?) Report

I got kind of sidetracked from K Parr this week. I'm going on a Family Vacation next week, and wanted to make a new dress or two for it. (Look, I work in a job where I have to wear ugly sneakers and ugly polos, so I like to dress up when I'm not at work.) I successfully finished a novelty print 1960 skirt, and am close to finishing a Hawaiian print late-50s dress...but got stuck on the piping tonight. I always forget how much I dislike piping.

But I finished the eyelets in the kirtle bodice and tried it on (yay), to discover it's not quite snug enough (no yay), and cut all the panels for the kirtle skirts and their linings.

And the forepart, which I've started sewing spangles on (yay). Spangles are fun! They are also plastic, but cost under two dollars as opposed to forty for the metal ones.
Also got my glass pearls and beads for the girdle in the mail, unexpectedly quickly (Shipwreck Beads yay), though I want to completely spangle the forepart before I start messing with pearls.