Progress Report

First off, this week I finished the French hood as much as I can without pearls and bling. I confess to not loving the upper billiment's gold trim, but it has to stay until I can find something nicer, which I rather doubt I will. Non-cheesy gold trim (of the right shape for this, no less) is really hard to find!

Awesome bathroom mirror shots.

And from the front
Dodgy trim. Very dodgy.
 I'm pleased with the veil itself though; it was very carefully fitted! You wouldn't think that necessary for a veil, but if you just cut a rectangle it wrinkles and creases most unattractively, and the inside of the tube hangs down further than the outside, which looks dumb. (I know this because that's what my first French hood's veil looked like.)
It just took mockups and fiddling! So what else is new...
It's made of black cotton velveteen and lined in lightweight black linen, and wired with 16 gauge brass jewelry wire - heavy enough to hold its shape, but not so heavy it's unwieldy. Or that I can feel the weight!

I also finished sewing reed into the kirtle bodice, which means I can start on eyelets. YAY. Which I have. As of this evening, 9/52 finished! Side-back lacing, such fun.
As you can see, I've also put the (un-centered, don't care) red damask at the neckline. Only about an inch will show over the gown, so that little bit is all I need.

This week's goal is to completely finish the kirtle bodice, cut the skirts, and maybe start sewing sparkly stuff onto the forepart. Which means I'm finally getting to the fun parts! :D


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