Another stripey dress

Just a very quick quickie post to say I'm working on a new dress for the event I'm going to the day after Christmas. There's a Colonial Ball in Trenton, NJ, and as it's cheap I kind of couldn't resist. I am always of the opinion we don't do enough 18thc stuff!

The Battle of Trenton reenactment is the day after, and I'm going to that too, but don't need anything new for it (since I did just make that wool jacket for the last 18thc thing I went to...).

I'm further along than this pic, but it gives you an idea of where I'm going! And the fabric.
Don't know that I'll have time to do all the trimming I'd like, but I'm happy with "wearable"! My pink sack gown is my backup so this is a nice stress-free project. So far, haha.