1860s and an 18thc bed gown

I'm having an event-y sort of weekend this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, but I went on an impromptu window-shopping/historical society visit in an adorable little historic neighboring town today, with Robin. Of course we had to dress! Just my old grey dress, but we bundled up and felt very festive. People thought the town hired us. Quite funny.

Tea! Of course tea.
Visiting the Very Famous Dinosaur.

Also made an 18thc bed gown this week. They were worn by everyone from working class to pregnant women, as they're not fitted the way a gown or jacket is...but I'm using mine as undress. I want something to wear when I powder my hair for 18thc fanciness. As such, I wanted something washable!

Went shopping in the stash and came up with a yard and a bit of a shell cotton print that wasn't destined for anything else. Ugly brown cotton from an old petticoat was good enough for a lining. I even machine sewed half of it! Nothing visible, though.

And I've been working on my plaid silk 1860s, which I need for next Saturday. In pretty good shape, just need to redo the trim on one cuff, do the hem, and figure out a collar & cuffs.


  1. Oh! You ladies look fabulous! I am sure the people who saw you were wow-ed at your lovely outfits!! What fun! Love your shawl by the way!! Fabulous!

    1. Thank you so much! I do love that shawl; it was a splurge but it's so lovely and warm. :)


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