Quick update

I'm in retail, so today and tomorrow will be madly busy for me (at least I wasn't on the opening shift, eh what), but I haven't posted here in a bit so I thought I'd do so today!

I have been sewing; after the Pumpkin Tea I decided I needed a new dress for a little Victorian Christmas event at a local historic house. Totally needed. I had some plaid silk taffeta from Jen Thompson in the stash, which I think is shaping up to be a very nice 1860s dress. That'll be worn the weekend of Dec. 13-14, but I'll take a couple pics when I finish it, which should be well before that!

This week, I also made a cute-ugly print 1960s shift dress for Thanksgiving...which turned out to not fit over my butt, so no photos of that.

And I just bought some imperfect Renoirs from American Duchess' sale! You're welcome.