I guess it's time to do an updatey sort of thing here, no? Poor neglected blog.

And I'll have to confess that I'm not going to be able to finish Katherine Parr in time for the ren faire. She keeps throwing all these little snarls in the works, and while none of them are omg huge disaster, I can't work them out by the 11th. Even if I drove myself crazy (and took a week off work!) I don't think I could finish in time. I want this to be my best effort, not corner-cutting because I'm fed up with it.

But you'll see her again, promise! After Christmas at the very latest, as I've made some more costumey plans...which I've got to tell you are such a relief. (Which is how I know I'm correct to put this project on hiatus.)

A quick rundown: I'm going to the Met's Death Becomes Her exhibit for their Halloween event, and am planning on a c1816 evening dress. I got the bodice and sleeves all mocked up and fitted the other day, but have to wait to order the overlay fabric til next paycheck.

Planning on going to Fort Mifflin's Siege Day in early November (Rev War), and while I love my cranberry-red wool gown still, it's 3 years old and I'm SO tired of it! It's my only cold-weather 18thc...so it's time for a new one. I'll probably make a jacket out of fabric I already have...or I may be very bad and buy some fabric for a new gown. We'll see.

And then there are tentative plans to attend a Colonial Ball in Trenton the weekend after Christmas, and go to the 350th Battle of Trenton reenactment the next day. Cold-weather plain clothes are taken care of (though I kind of want new bits and bobs like a new cap and under-petticoat), and I technically have a fancy dress, the pink sack...but I also have some new striped silk laying around, and I'd really prefer an English-style gown at a ball.

And to that end...I started making new 1770s stays this week. My current stays are the Corsets & Crinolines 1780s pair, and while I love them still, I've been wanting a pair with a lower waist for a while.