Another update!

But no pictures. Sorry, boring.

Our planned Ren Faire outing was yesterday, but the weather was absolute rubbish (rained all day), so everyone decided against going. There wasn't another date we could all attend, so in a way I'm glad I didn't finish K Parr! Not that I'd have worn her to a mud-filled faire either way. Fabric's too expensive for that.

I've ordered my black fabric for the mourning dress, have a pair of 1770s stays in progress as well as a 1770s shift, and made a wool twill under-petticoat to wear with my 18thc stuff. It's purple and pink and very cozy. (The petticoat was yesterday at a surprisingly productive sewing day.)

Oh, right, I did make a black reticule to use with my mourning dress, and took a picture of that. Hooray picture!
It has dodgy tassels. And I apparently sewed the whole thing with navy thread without noticing til the very end, oops.