Victorian Party

Tardy post again! It's a rewear so I didn't bother getting my own pictures, just concentrated on enjoying myself!

Saturday I attended Madame Modiste's Victorian party; we had absolutely perfect weather - not too hot, partly cloudy, with a breeze. Eating snackies and chatting with well-dressed friends all afternoon, what's not to love? (Besides the closing of lanes on the bridge I take to get there, so it took almost twice as long to get there!) Plus Kat and her husband were celebrating their ten-year anniversary by renewing their vows, and they decided to share the ceremony with all of us!

I originally planned to finish the long-neglected natural form cotton dress, but after the last-minute spencer sewing two weeks ago, I decided I didn't want to be doing any of that this time, and that I have a perfectly garden-party-appropriate 1860s dress in my closet anyway.

I did still have to put fastenings on, so I took it out on Thursday to do so - and was glad I did, because the right undersleeve had frayed right through its seam(a flat-felled seam, no less!), and there was a 2" hole. The sleeves were too tight to allow me to sew another seam, so replacing them it was. And it had to be both sleeves, since I didn't have any more of that particular fabric! Annoying, and now the undersleeves don't match the neck yoke, but whatcha gonna do?
A couple more photos from other people (mostly In the Long Run, as usual) after the jump!

At least in the bright sunlight, the sleeves and yoke don't look different colors! They are...
You can see it a little better here: the yoke is ivory, and the sleeves are now very white.
Let's see if I can drop pie in my lap! I bet I could...
It's funny because the skirt is covered in marks. And there's a giant stain on the front. I do so well with white!
So much fluffy! Cupcake dresses unite!
"Let me tell YOU..." :)


  1. I envy you having such a large group. Mine is still very small. So much pretty all around you!

    1. It was a wonderfully cupcake-y day! All the fluffy! I'm quite grateful that I happen to live on the East Coast of the States - we're lucky to have a long-established group of historical costumers. (And I'm lucky they let me come play with them, haha!)


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