Riversdale House & Picnic

(Yet again I'm shamefully late at post-event updating! I completely forgot my camera this time, so I didn't have any photos of my own. Excuses...)

On Sunday I joined a group of friends at the Riversdale House museum in Maryland for a picnic, house tour, and general lounging on the lawns! We had beautiful weather for it, and a nice turn-out. I wore my "Lizzie Bennet" dress, and made a new bonnet and lightweight spencer to go with it. The bonnet came out nicely (except that my hair's poking the back out in the weirdest manner in pictures. I suspect an errant bobby pin), and the spencer's fine except for the completely unacceptable woobly collar. I put it on during the car ride down, and, well, it looks like it! Oh well.

(Pictures from In the Long Run and Isabella)
I was having orange-peeling problems.
Prowling the strawberry beds...
Yes, I have to run down every hill I see when I'm in costume. EVERY hill.
Spencer: adapted from my pompom spencer pattern, hand sewn, and made of lightweight pale blue linen. Bodice is lined in white linen/cotton blend, sleeves are unlined (warm-weather spencer, doncha know).
Bonnet: made from the Timely Tresses Julia pattern, of yellow-gold silk taffeta, and trimmed with strings of green silk shantung and a couple of violets.
As an addendum, I may well get more sporadic in posting (is it possible to get worse at blogging, she wondered), though I'll try not to! There's only one more upcoming event in a couple of weeks, to which I'm wearing an old dress, and after that there's nothing planned til fall.

Katherine Parr will take quite a bit of work, but she won't be very exciting at first to blog about! I'll probably try to work on some UFOs, and definitely some vintage-style dresses to wear on vacation with the fams in August, but those aren't great for extensive blogging. Well, I'll do what I can.


  1. I love the print of your dress and I think it's shaped very well. Quite becoming!


  2. I love your dress; the blue spencer is quite pretty!

  3. Each and every one of you looks gorgeous! I love the fabric your dress is made of. And I fully understand your hill-craze, they're all just crying "ruuuun"!

    1. Thank you! I love when people understand my love of hill-running...they ARE! :D


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