Mary Heany, part 2

This afternoon, I took Mary over to the Whitall house at Red Bank Battlefield and set her up! She's going to live in the kitchen, and have a little setup explaining who she is.

And since I've already talked about the outfit's construction in Part 1, I'll just throw some photos at you and let them do most of the talking!

(Most of it. Don't worry, I can't be quiet for an entire post!)

I took a picture of two of each layer as I put it on...
Shift! And lumpy arms. No, they don't come off. Yes, that makes it interesting to dress her.
Sleeves that tie...which I realize may be a bit impractical for a servant (can you tie things at your own elbow??), but I forgot to leave some of the seam open, so I could do a buttoning cuff, and had it all nicely finished before I remembered. Mary's not actually going to be tying her own sleeves, so I left it!
From the advertisement: "An Irish servant girl named Mary Heany, short and thick; had on when she went old black quilt...

"...brownish striped petticoat..."
 "...[and] lightish colored jacket".
I love this lacing! It looks all fancy but it's not really.
I think the wrinkles show up more in the pictures than in real life. Though it's unlikely an indentured servant would have had a perfectly fitted jacket, so I told myself it was ok.
It kind of looks like her arm is on backwards here. Arm-wrangling is difficult!
I ended up hitching up the top petticoat on one side with a pin. It might look a wee bit silly, but you need to be able to see the quilted petticoat, since she'll be displayed with her advert!


  1. Ok....Mary Heany looks faaaaaabulous!! I love the whole outfit, but my favorite part is that fabulous brown striped petticoat!!! I don't know what it is about it, but I want one....just like Mary's!!! You have done a splendid job on this outfit!!!


    1. Thanks so much! I did finish the outfit and think to myself, "I kinda want this for myself...", haha! And if you're that fond of the petticoat fabric, I believe Burnley and Trowbridge still has it listed for sale on their site... ;)

  2. Blog award nomination!

    1. Thank you! Maybe I'll even get around to answering those questions and doing a post! ...maybe. ;)


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